Outgoing calls work on SPA-3000 but incoming does not Poste

Well hello everyone!! I have a couple of questions for you. I have out Bellsouth PSTN line coming in from the street. It is hooked up to 2 “old telephones” and the SPA-3000. The SPA-3000 then goes to an Asterisk box where there is two Cisco 7940’s attached. Local calls can be placed from the Ciscos with out a problem. But when someone calls in from the PSTN line only the 2 “old phons” ring. What I want the system to do is when someone calls in on the PSTN line is for the old phones to ring, plus the cisco phones to ring. Then which ever one is picked up first will answer it. Is this possible? Or does the SPA-3000 half to answer the call right when it come in before it can tell asterisk that someone is calling? Then if someone on a cisco picks up the phone asterisk will tell the SPA-3000 to pickup the phone.

why not put the two analog phones on the FXS port of the SPA3000 and let Astrisk easily manage everything? Then you can have them all ring and stop as soon as anyone picks up a line, or what ever other scenario you want.

Here is a good article on the SPA3000 - it focuses on AAH but the SPA3000 info is what is most helpful.

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