Outgoing call drop radon dahdi TDM410P

Hi, have problem with PBX Central the outgoing call with analog card TDM410P is dropping. the Internet don’t exist information update for model Analog Caard TDM410P. it is line logs when view

[3273] pbx.c:
– Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:20] NoOp(“SIP/114-00000044”, “Dial failed for some reason with DIALSTATUS = NOANSWER and HANGUPCAUSE = 34”) in new stack

Sorry my english is not good, but thank for help me,

if need most information, I MOST DESPERATE

That message doesn’t come from Asterisk; it might come from FreePBX community.freepbx.org/

However assuming the code that generates it isn’t doing anything silly, it means that a call, originating on a SIP device, failed on an unknown device (you removed that part of the log).

NOANSWER and code 34 seem to conflict. Code 34 means that there were no free circuits available. As this is analogue, it means that it was unable to seize any of the lines. NOANSWER, however, suggests that either you have configured for answer supervision, but the line doesn’t have it, or the call failed to complete (analogue lines cannot distinguish between a ring no answer and, any other reason why the call wasn’t answered.

You are going to need to provide more information, and possibly even enable device driver logging, to see what is really going on. On FreePBX, an adequate level of debugging is likely to produce far too much output to be manageable on a peer support forum, so I’d strongly advise testing with a simple, one line, Dial application call, rather than the FreePBX dialplan.