Outbound server for third party domain?


I am wondering if it is possible to make asterisk an outbound server to third party domain without using the prefix method ?

Currently I am using the prefix method as followed :

41x - FWD

so to the client, I need to do sip:41613@myserver to make asterisk call 613@FWD. This works well but I need lots of prefix to remember.

What I would like is to make the client to do sip:613@fwd.pulver.com yet it still goes through asterisk as usual, because the client is NATed.

the only problem is getting * to know where to send the call. If all the calls are going to fwd then you don’t need the prefix…
you can also put different sip freinds in different contexts which can dial different things. IE, [fwdsoftphone] is in [fwdout] context, which sends everything to FWD. [zaptelephone] is in context [pstnout] which sends everything to pstn…