Outbound not working from nat

When i try to do outbound calls while im the same network as my asterisk server it works perfectly ! but when i try to do the same behind nat i got a " busy " response. But this did not happend until today ! i dont undersand why… it was working before

You haven’t provided enough information. For example, is the call even arriving at Asterisk? (sip set debug on or pjsip set logger off depending on channel driver will show the SIP traffic) Is there any output in the console?

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I found the solution ! thanks for the attetion ! the problem was that the outbound number that i was using it was allways busy, but only this number ! it happened because my asterisk isnt hangingup the call when she get too long and idk why, im doing more test here to see why asteirsk isnt closing the connection.

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