Outbound Calls

Hello all
im having a problem with outbound calls
i have an asterisk server with 5 IVR services implemented and working on it
on of those services is making bulk outbound calls .
the problem im having is that when im starting the bulk calls only on one of the services users stop hearing the sound while the other services still work perfectly .
what may be causing this problem any help ?
thank you


can you post more details

are you using SIP along with bandwidth? or E1/T1, No of E1/T1 links if any ?

this would help giving more insight.

Best Regards
Chetan Jha

no im using E1/T1 and there are 8 E1 's now linked to my server


You have 240 channel capacity.

30 channels on each E1/T1, assuming you are using Dahdi ,

try grouping E1’s g0 for inbound g1 for outbound and try making calls, if possible post me the telephony configuration files. Also how are you generating bulk calls ? using custom application ?

please post the following

also if possible send the dump or logs of asterisk.

Best Regards