Outbound Calls not working

I’ve recently purchased a D50 phone and an A8B card which uses by POTS (PSTN) lines to receive and make calls. I’ve plugged one of the lines from my existing trunks into channel 3. I’m able to receive calls by calling into that number, but cannot place calls from the D50. When I place calls, the number just rolls over back to a dialtone and nothing happens. I don’t know how to proceed. I don’t seem to be getting any discernible errors in my debug reports. I’m knew to Asterisk so don’t know where to look. It’s behaving like the call isn’t even reaching past the A8B card. Please let me know what I should be doing to fix the problem.

Without any CLI output is going to be hard for anybody help you.

please enable the full log in logger.conf, then do core set verbose 5 and post the CLI output when trying to make a phone call.