Outbound call to board room using soft dialer


I have configured my asterisk server extension files to make calls to internal extension numbers and also to outbound calls. However, for outbound calls, I need to call to a board room and then dial extension. The moment I make an outbound call and it gets connected, I cannot dial the extension or even if I dial (from soft dialer), it is not sent while the call is still in progress. I tried searching for this kind of setup but could not find. Please advise.
P.S - Using SIP to make calls.

I don’t know what a ‘board room’ is, but I’d check the dial() options, specifically the ‘D’ option.

I imagine you need to use the D option on Dial.

To me, a board room is a physical room in a head office building, usually with an expensive table, around which the company directors sit to make important decisions. It has no telephony impliications, for me.

Thanks for you replies. Let me re-phrase board room. I meant to say when calling a company phone number or a Toll free number, it reaches their IVR which then prompts to enter the extension number to connect. So something like dialing 1-201-XXX-XXXX, call gets connected and then IVR prompts to enter the desired extension number (say 9600) to speak to the concerned person.

D option on Dial, is designed for this sort of thing.

Thanks @david551, will explore that option.

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