Oubound dialing rules example - please

Hello All,

Back at trying to figure out Asterisk after a many month layoff.
Asterisk 1.4.21 ( rpm’s install) I know this is a bit of an older version on EL5. Configuring with the Asterisk GUI.
I have successfully setup a trunk via freecall.com and it is registered as a peer.
I can call on my lan between two softphones an an ata connected phone with good audio so the extensions are in fact talking to one another.
Problem: I have tried setting up outbound calling rules what ( I think) is right,but when dialing my home phone from a softphone or the ata phone i get the dreaded busy signal. When I do a ‘sip set debug ipaddress:5060’ And dial my home phone number from the ata phone,it appears the phone is trying to call the actual number of my home phone number i am dialing. in the dialogue i am seeing “ext#### dialing extension ##########” (homephonenumber). Shouldn’t i be seeing like voiparound.com(freecall server) prefixed in front of my home phone number here? I am thinking the ata phone is trying to call my home phone as a local extension?
I am sure I do not have something right configuring via the web interface the outbound dialing rule but I am not seeing the prob. Many months ago i got acclimated with the asterisk cli ,troubleshooting sequence,but have forgotten all of that by now:(
Could someone post what they have for an outbound dialing rule to be able to call their home phone number from an internal(lan) softphone or ata phone?

Thank You,