Originate: Purely numeric hostname Error

Hey all,
I use Asterisk 15.2.2 and trying to connect to the AMI via nodeJS. All working good except I get the error
WARNING[7860]: chan_sip.c:6285 create_addr: Purely numeric hostname (749), and not a peer–rejecting!

NodeJS gives me:
Originate {
id: 318,
ActionID: 1572992525.095,
Action: ‘Originate’,
Channel: ‘SIP/749’,
WaitTime: ‘30’,
CallerID: ‘XX19502XX <749>’,
Exten: ‘XX19502XX’,
Context: ‘default’,
Priority: 1,
Timeout: 99999
Response {
response: ‘Error’,
actionid: ‘1572992525.095’,
message: ‘Originate failed’,

If I use sip show peers, it states the extension is online
wxxxXXX/wxxxXXX XX.0.159.XX D Yes Yes 63940 OK (34 ms) “One Line” <749>

What can I do about it?

Thanks Sven

Dial SIP/wxxxXXX not SIP/749

You are kidding me, tried for hours. Thanks so much, John!!!

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