Originate doesnt start on the correct extension (AMI/SFS)


I’ve been introduced to the asterisk world about two weeks ago and now I’m amazed with the possibilities. It didn’t took too long till I reach my first problem. It has being fun to try to discover how to solve it, but I guess this time I need expert help. Right now, I’m trying to originate calls using the Manager API (asterisk-java) and SFS (Skype For SIP). The problem is that the calls don’t start at the correct extension. For example, with the code below, asterisk will go to the 99051000xxxxxx extension instead of going to ‘5’ as it’s supposed to.

action.setPriority(new Integer(1));

As far as I know, it’s not a registration problem as I can make calls using SFS. The real issue is that I can’t originate calls on the correct extension.

Thanks for any input!

Felipe Kurkowski