Originate call with AMI: without receiving

Hi everyone!

I start my adventure with asterisk.

I am sending a request via AMI:
Action: Originate
Channel: SIP / 100
Context: out
Exten: 48500XXXXXX
Priority: 1

and it works great but I would like the phone to have a permanent connection with the asterisk and it was not necessary to peel each connection separately.

Thanks in advance
for your suggestions

SIP does’t work that way. Any such capability will be in the phone, but even then it will be an auto-connect feature, not an always up one.

in that case, on what principle the vicidial type solutions work, in which the given person receives a lot of connections and the connection to the asterisk is established once.

They probably use Agent channels, but you still have to make a call, one way or the other, to create the Agent channel.

I believe that vicidial puts the users sip device into a conference bridge and then originates the outbound leg to the that conference bridge. A more elegant solution would be to write an ARI application that takes care of the origination and bridging of calls.