Or operator

Can anyone help me with the proper syntax of the or operator? I have tried multiple ways and none seem to work. The documentation says to use the | character.

Here is a simple extension that I have and I want to add an or operator to it:

I have tried this:

and this:

but the first one tells me that the | operator is no longer in use and the second one doesn’t give me any errors.

anyone have any thoughts for this? So far I’m using a series of GoToIf statements to get the desired result.

;ask customer to enter in the expiration date
;check here if the number of digits entered = 4
;check here if expiration is a valid date
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 01]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 02]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 03]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 04]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 05]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 06]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 07]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 08]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 09]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 10]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 11]?card_year)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardMonth} = 12]?card_year:incorrect_expiration)
;exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} != 10 ]?incorrect_expiration)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 10 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 11 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 12 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 13 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 14 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 15 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 16 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 17 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 18 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 19 ]?play_balance)
exten=>s,n,GoToIf($[${CardYear} = 20 ]?play_balance:incorrect_expiration)