OPUS variable bandwidth question

Trying to get the variable rate to work with opus across a number of sip devices

I see that Bria sends out a TMMBR request in the SDP to try to adjust the bandwidth when it finds packet loss. Asterisk appears to ignore the request.

When the sip client sends fmtp:120 maxaveragebitrate to control the bandwidth, asterisk responds and the reduction is successful.

Is asterisk 13 (pjsip) compatible with TMMBR? If so, any suggestions on getting it to reply to the SDP offer?


SDP isn’t requests and responses; it is statements of what the sender of the SDP will accept in the media stream. SDP iteself actually allows for completely incopatible offers in the two directions.

Thank you David.

With that being said, is there a way to get this to work with the Bria TIMBRR requests? Right now asterisk isn’t responding to them.

There’s no support for it, support would need to be added to both the SDP handling code, the core, and the module.

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