Options for video/image insertion

I’m investigating using Asterisk to replace Freeswitch in a video application. We have been using Freeswitch for its MCU, but are looking to move away from MCU technology in time and make more use of webrtc and Asterisk’s stream forwarding technology.

One requirement is the ability to playback a static image or video file either directly to a caller or in a multi-user bridge. I do not see anything native in Asterisk for this. It looks like Playback() and Background() will pull an h264 raw stream recording and play it back, but this is a bit crude and inflexible; e.g. there’s no ability to adjust for video resolution, and we’d have to transcode the static images and video files into raw streams somehow.

An old third-party projected called app_mp4 exists out on the Internet, but doesn’t look current or stable.

I welcome feedback on how to accomplish this.

This hasn’t really been anything anyone has focused on, so the only available stuff is really what you’ve found.

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