Option11 Integration, eventual dissolve

I post only, as 39 views haven’t generated a response in the AsteriskNow forum…ideas anyone?

-Im awaiting two books; trying to help myself -don’t want all the answers, just some ideas from those whom may have done similar.

Hi There,

I’m finally ready to take the plunge and hope to fully migrate away from the exploits of Nortel and to Asterisk w/in the coming months.

I’ve done lots of reading, but hope to hear some best practices etc from those whom have experienced the good and bad.

Currently I have an option11 consisting of approximately:
120 M3904 and M2616 Nortel Phones
30-40 analog lines for fax, breakrooms etc
2) Line Side T1s for our Predictive/CTI Dialer

  1. Callpilot server connecting two sites and another Option11 (siteB)

*Across both sites we have approximately 450 DIDs; 2 per user (for dual line, personal fax (via CallPilot), 800 #s, fax etc.

Phase 1 of my plan involves the following:

  1. Creating a link between Asterisk and Option11; via PRI and ____?
    (Hardware necessary for Asterisk server)
  2. Configure protocol (slips mind at moment, learned of from trusted
    Nortel Engineer); basically allows communication between two boxes
    forwarding of DIDs to Asterisk Box
    ex: 6748 currently programmed in opt11; IDC or routing table to
    add 5th digit (56748) will forward over PRI to Asterisk?
  3. Segregate into groups users/departments and phase over to Asterisk
    server and IP Aastra model phones

Phase 2

  1. Upon completion, Callpilot server will be relocated to siteB; DIDs
    pools split
  2. Backbone infrastructure will be connected to Asterisk server.

So my questions are:

What are the flaws w/my plan?

What are the limitations?

What hardware is necessary at Asterisk server level?
*I hope to utilize IP based phones throughout building (including CTI Dialer ie. Touchstar)

What is Asterisk’s answer to Callpilot unified messaging (Outlook connector)?

I welcome any feedback and beseech community experts for your knowledge and advice.

Thanks in advance,


I will start with a question, What is the reasoning behind the move ? You have invested heavily into the Nortel Kit and the cost of Migration is going to be high, Both in hardware and Time. Is the nortel end of life ?

I say this as often you will find that if you already have the Kit and to be honest Nortels design life is about 10 -15 years then a forklift upgrade isn’t financially viable if the system hasnt been in for more than 10 years or so.

The name of the Link is q931, But I think Nortel may do a IP card as well.

What features are you using on the callpilot ?


Thanks for a prompt reply,

You are correct that we’ve spent a lot on the current :smile:.

  1. Our issues are political as much as anything. My CEO is frustrated w/the continuously increasing costs and proprietary nature.

-to give some insight, we recently tried to implement ACD queues for our call center; I tried capturing Dchannel recs for ACD reports; that works well. However, limitations existed which resulted in our local reseller pushing another 30k upgrade in Symposium. -this was after a 25k upgrade in CallPilot which took our reseller 6 mos.

  1. We have outgrown the existing and will need a 3rd cabinet to add any more sets

  2. Callpilot is being split between two sites (a site we’d like to separate from) and we’ve nearly outgrown the recent upgrade.

  3. Hardware is expensive (m3904 refurbs are 350+)

  4. Our recent Dialer project permits the ability of inbound campaigns; something our recovery manager is going crazy about. However, I’m worried our two dedicated LS T1s can’t handle it. (48 lines -15 for agents dialing on OB campaigns at 2:1, doesn’t leave much room for hold or inbound).
    (as mentioned, I’m out of cab space)

To answer your question regarding CP; basically unified messaging and APP builder.

I hoped to sell off the opt11 (CP server will go to alternate site) and phones, to recoop some expense. -what is a tentative figure here? I’ve received a reasonable blessing for some testing.

I feel like my reasons for expansion/conversion are just; perhaps I’m naiive in my estimation of project costs.

-Thanks for the input on the protocol.

What do you think?

R Davis.