OpenSuse Leap and install_prereq

I’ve been using Asterisk for some years, currently on 11.10.0 on OpenSuse Leap and intending to upgrade to Asterisk 13.9.1. I am still using chan_sip but in view of the fact that this will one day disappear I am considering moving to pjsip however when I run contrib/scripts/install_prereq install it tells me that Suse is not currently supported.

I know that I can install pjproject independently but I have concern that I will run in to other compatibility problems.

Am I better sticking with chan_sip and if so how much longer will it be available in Asterisk.

The chan_sip module will not be removed, it will become community supported.

As for PJSIP you can use the bundle support[1] to build it in. While it has not been tested on OpenSUSE it should work.


Minor problem when install_prereq won’t run is that for the bundle install to work there are other packages that have to be installed manually. I had to run the following before configure would work with the bundle install:

zypper addrepo

zypper refresh

zypper in speex-devel

zypper in libgsm-devel

zypper in srtp-devel