Open Source Visual Call-Flow and IVR Dev Tool Released

After over a year of alphas, betas, and release candidates I’m happy to announce that Version 1.0 of SafiServer and SafiWorkshop has just been released under the open source license GPL (ver 3). You can download installers from our site and the source code can be downloaded from Sourceforge (more details available on our site).

If you’re not yet familiar with our solution:

SafiWorkshop is a visual call flow designer that allows Asterisk administrators to quickly create and deploy powerful IVR, auto-attendants, and call routing applications by creating diagrams that reflect the desired function. These diagrams, or Saflets, can then be executed remotely on Safi Systems’ standalone server component: SafiServer. Key features include full featured graphical IVR/logic designer, live remote debugging, built-in audio prompt studio for creating, editing and distributing prompts, simple application deployment, database connection pooling, multiple Asterisk server capable, FreePBX plugin, and many more powerful features that makes Asterisk voice application development simple and fun.

I hope you’ll give our system a try. We’re pretty certain that once you start using it you won’t want to go back to extensions.conf coding ever again :smile:

Zac Wolfe
Safi Systems LLC