Open Source or Public Domain music for music on Hold

I’m not sure how many others feel the way I do but I do not want to have any songs I use for music-on-hold which I have to pay for . After looking at and I have found very few songs which are truly Open Source or Public Domain which can be used for music on hold.
There are the few songs by Elena Kuschnerova (pianist) and Lev Guelbard (violinist) and John Sankey but otherwise I have not really found any other which I knew for sure where true open source which I would be willing to use for music-on-hold.

Does anyone else have a source of open source music. I would like to get as many different styles as possible not just Classical music.

It would be nice if someone (such as Digium, or someone else) would host a site where open source songs could be donated to be used for music-on-hold. We would be allowed to download them for no fee. It would also be nice if the site would stream the music.