Open Source IVR for Country Citizen Identity

My name is Guy Huntington. I am a very experienced identity architect and I have an idea to try to change the world a bit…

Most people in 3rd world countries lack government identities, don’t have bank accounts and have no access to the internet BUT THEY DO HAVE A CELL PHONE. I have an idea to create national citizen identities that use voice as an authentication mechanism to log on using their cell.

Then, I want to offer a IVR type menu similar, in addition to the online one that the team I was part of at the Government of Alberta did ( Citizens can select what service they want to use and then pay the government using SMS banking, in addition to credit and debit cards (cell banking using SMS is very common in most 3rd world countries).

As well, I then want to link the national identity authentication service to open source health care software. Citizens would be able to call a 1-800 type number from their local village, authenticate using their voice and then, with their consent, receive telemedicine.

I want to do something similar in education by linking the national identity authentication service to open source education software.

I have put my vision down in two documents. One is a high level PowerPoint presentation ( … 202015.pdf).

By doing so, I believe the lives of millions of people can be enriched using something they are, i.e. their voice and something they have, i.e. a cell phone.

One of the cores of my idea is to use open source wherever possible. I want to standardize the back end of the IVR, ESB, payment portal and the Identity suite, while allowing for rapid customization of the front end. Thus, the code and associated IP can then be quickly re-used by other countries. My goal is to get deployment costs down into the low millions and time to deployment down to about a year…something almost unthinkable in the identity industry today.

[color=#0040BF]I am busy pitching my idea to countries around the world. So, I don’t yet have my first one, but I am getting closer. While I know LOTS about identity management and system integrations, I am not an expert on open source IVR. [/color] So the purpose of this long email is that I am looking for some kindred souls to join me as I get prepared. Note that the timeframes may be months to a year to get this project agreed to by a country and funded. So please don’t think this is a hot lead with work tomorrow.

I want to identify the proper open source platform and the best of breed designers. My thinking is that on the first pilot project, the project will hire you as part of the overall system design team, which I will be leading. We will jointly create use and test cases, agree on the design together with the client and then get at it…building and testing it, end to end.

I want to “cookbook-ize” the deployment such that the next country up would then be able to change the front end, re-use the back-end, and get to Production quite quickly. Whomever we selected to do the initial design would then be on contract to quickly assist the next one to make customizations and get to market. I want to ensure that the country has the right folks in place to support the infrastructure.

Regarding the voice authentication…

In the first pilot country, I want to assemble a few thousand local voice prints and bring in an independent voice testing enterprise to then do a vendor bake-off. I suspect, but don’t know, that this will be a private vendor and not open source. This supplier will then be “baked into” the IVR and Identity suite platforms and used on each of the subsequent deployments.

Well, that’s it! I’ve shot my wad. I need to find SME’s to ask a lot of dumb questions to. Things like “Is Asterix enough or, do we need other bits and pieces?”, “Common design pitfalls?”, “Who’s the best designers and implementers out there?”, etc. If you are interested, please let me know.

With kind regards,

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