Open Source - Calypso ASC seamless mobility solution

Back in January this year, Calypso ASNAP™ Session Controller (ASC) is announced as the “first Open Source Seamless Mobility solution” that works with Asterisk.

I tried to find out the Open source implementation details for ASC, but so far no luck. Anybody can point me in the right direction?


Reading this it looks like it might be a play on words:

Where calling it ‘opensource’ is actually a reference to Asterisk and not the Claypso software itself. I can not find it on their website. Have you tried to contact them?

Although I do not think their part of the solution is opensource, as they harp on about their patents in the press release itself.

I thought the same way too, that the word “open source” is referring to Asterisk, not the “seamless mobility” ASC component.

There are at least 20+ internet sites used the “first Open Source Seamless Mobility solution” for this announcement. This is real misleading. :unamused: