hello guys,

i know ooh323 module is deprecated but m just trying to figure out what is going on with it.
so m using asterisk as a gateway that registers to a border element.
asterisk tries to re-register every 12 mins.
so if LAN cable is removed from asterisk device and the time to re-register comes, it will state that there is a bind error in h323 log file and then it will tell that no gatekeeper is configured which means it will never try to register again until i do an h323 reload from asterisk CLI.

any help with it?

You might want to configure a custom cronjob script to grep the log for recent errors like that and then perform the module reload for you when necessary.

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i managed to overcome this issue by doing some modification to the src files.
but there is one single issue that i could not figure out. at some point when trying to make a call from sip to h323 network the call only says it is in a new stack and it is stuck there.
when i try to do ooh323 reload it says reload not done yet. it does not reload the module. then i have to stop and start the service.
any ideas?