* + ooh323 + call transfer = segmentation fault

I dont know is it known issue or not, but i have segmentation fault of asterisk after hangup on transferred call from ooh323 > SIP > IAX. Even without IAX, just ooh323 > SIP > SIP. When call transfer occurs, ooh323 goes crazy. I dont know exactly which one thing have this bug asterisk or ooh323.
But it`s ugly… (((

p.s. there is a delay between hangup and * die. just a few seconds.
Just dial ooh323 channel, transfer call to another exten, pickup, hangup, and wait(); for die();

i have solve this issue out.
The problem was in ooh323 module.
They have an empty fixup function…
i`ll submit my code to the their mail list for future use.

if ya write a patch to prevent a segfault, feel free to post it to bugs.digium.com ,
Also, you need a disclaimer on file, when providing patches.

This is not asterisk bug. I have submitted changes to ooh323 developers, so it`s merged into svn version and future releases of ooh323 will have right code.