One Way RTT using PJSIP


I was able to get RTT working over PJSIP, while I’m getting this to work I’m only able to get a one way RTT between two devices.

The RTT is one way from the caller to the callee. If you guys have any advice on how to fix this that would be great.

The codec I’m using is t.140.

Are you working on support for it? As it stands PJSIP has no support for T.140 like chan_sip.

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I’m working on support for it, I’ve done all the necessary changes to get it to work. for some reason I can only get it to work one way(from caller to callee). The thing that I’m noticing is that each side of the RTT has its own independent stream.

I would appreciate any advice I could get on the issue.


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