One Touch Recording + Courtesy Tone question

I have set up one touch recording and set up a courtesy tone that says “your call is now being recorded”. The issue is that the same tone is played when I press *1 again to end recording.

Is there any way to have separate tones?

IE: "your call is now being recorded"
IE: “your call is no longer being recorded”

Also while i have not tested it yet, i’d imagine it would play that same sound when putting somebody in park, which I obviously don’t want.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m considering setting up one-touch recording myself, but have not yet done so. However, I notice there seem to be many ways of doing it. Which way have you used? Can you post a link to the info you used to set it up, and then hopefully someone can relate your question to that and offer help.

here are the relevant lines from my various config files. I dial “*1” then it plays “is-now-being-recorded”, i know it’s not quite what i want, but it’s better than nothing atm.


 automon => *1                  ; One Touch Record
 courtesytone = sounds/is-now-being-recorded



 exten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@pstn-spa3k,60,wW)

so does anybody have any ideas?

I believe you’ll need to submit a source code patch to get this changed.