One Remote Location Not Working W/New Router

We have an Elastix system with local extensions, all behind the firewall. We have two remote locations with extensions on the system, and forward 5060, 10000-20000 in our router to the Elastix server. I replaced the dd-wrt router with a Sonicwall TZ-105. The one remote location is working fine. On the other remote extension, they can place calls to the main location, but the main location cannot call them. I have packet monitor files from the Sonicwall, I don’t know if I can upload them here. The working extension has its outside ip address in the request URI, but the non-working extension has its internal lan ip. Is that the problem?

That sounds like the problem. If I understand it correctly, the extensions are on the inside of a different NAT from the Asterisk server. If you can’t fix the phone, you may find that one of the nat= options works. Please note that “yes” is deprecated.

(Most or all of the options relate to a remote system inside NAT, although it is often misused for the local system being inside.)

Thanks. nat=comedia did the trick. Apparently our two remote offices have different phones or routers and require different configuration since we installed the Sonicwall at the main location.

Another option is using VPN’s betwen central and remote locations. That takes care of the NAT problems and takes care of securitly issues that you migh have with opening up an Asterisk server to the world.