One One Outbound Session at a time?

Does anyone know if telasip limits your number of out going sessions. I only seem to be able to make one call out on my Telasip line at a time. I check the trunk settings, and “Maximum Channels” is set to 5.

business or residential ?

their FAQ :

I have the residential service. . . .even so their FAQ reads:

This will depend on the type of broadband service you have. Broadband providers typically have different upstream and downstream speeds. The slower of the two values will determine the number of calls you can have. However, in most cases you should be able to have up to 5 phones or calls without a noticeble drop in quality. Purchase of additional lines required.

Now whn I try and make a call out on this line, whewn another is being made I get a busy signal, until the call is droped then I can redial out just fine.

I think someone mentioned that telasip clamped down because they felt people were abusing their residential cheap plan to run businesses…

is this the bit they bite you with ??

Thanks for the insight…it’s funny that they failed to mention that at time of setup. It’s not that much more to switch to the business service, but every penny counts, and I’m very annoyed that I signed up for a service (which I researched) only to find they have changed without notifying people.

thanks again