Old voicemails reappearing as new

We’re having a problem in which old voicemails, either read and old, or deleted, are showing back up as new voicemails.

They are lighting the MWI light and all. It’s random who it happens to, and how long it takes to reappear after the voicemail is left. But I’m getting complaints from every users with a mailbox except for myself for some reason.

I went through and re-initialized a voicemail box and made the user set it up from scratch, no help. I checked permissions on all the voicemail folders and they are set the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



This sounds very odd, what are the time stamps of the files in the voicemail directories ?

I asume this is sandard voicemail ?


Odd indeed. When I’m told that they have a re-appearing message, the time stamps on the files and the txt file are all current, not the original date stamp. I’d love to be able to look at the stamps on a message before they play it, but that will never happen.

We are using the default voicemail, Comedian Mail that comes with Asterisk.