Old softphones (X-PRO) are not registering in asterisk 1.8

Hi all,

I ´ve migrated asterisk from 1.4.30 to 1.8.21 and old softphones as X-PRO 2.0 are not registering in new asterisk version.

I 've captured register SIP process and i can see some differences SIP messages between new SIP clients and old SIP clientes.

Someone already see or fix it ?

Please elaborate on the differences.

You might want to note that an option that controls how Asterisk handles invalid SIP changed from permissive to restrictive, by default, in more recent versions.


How can i change thats handles to permissive in asterisk 1.8 ?? and to do old sip clients register again ??

Read the documentation for the sip configuration (sip.conf.sample).

Also read UPGRADE-1.6.txt and UPGRADE.txt, which tell you what changes have been made between those two versions.

As you haven’t provided detailed logging, it is not possible to be certain that this is the only problem.

Also, consider getting a version of the device with less buggy firmware.