Old merin and maybe soon to be Partner system intergration

This is sortof going to be a pet project. So as I collect hardware and such. I need to see what you guys found. Currently we use asterik at work. I enjoy several of the features. But I installed and wired the house for a older merlin 206 phone system. Box is 2 lines and 6 phones max. I have one line, a btmi unit and 4 merlin phones connected. I enjoy the system great though it does not support caller id. (Working on getting a partnet system. The BTMI unit allows me to connect a cordless phone to the system that is not merlin among other things.

Some thoughts.

I would route the phone line to the asterik box and then into the merlin system. THat is a no brainer. AKA setup voice mail and remove the answering machine. Now if I take the cordless traditional phone and connect it to the asterik box. Then run the BTMI into the asterik box. I think I got the system fully integreated at least. For this step. I’m not sure how you program it. But if I default it to the phone company line. That is fine. But if I can pickup say the cordless or anyt other analog phone. Can I tell it to kick over to line two. AKA the btmi unit. The unit defaults to intercom on the merlin system. I also picture if I goto the partner system with caller id. I noticed at work you can setup the ext to show were it is intercomming from. Thus a no brainer. THe merlin system would show up as merlin on the caller id or something like that.

TO round this up simple. I like the additonal lights and such on a traditional phon system phone. Is there any tricks or tips to simple cross over into the merlin or partner system? I had a thought on the partnet system. I think it supports a msg light from voice mail. has somebody created a hack for that or is it default signal msg light?



Any reason why you cannot replace the whole system with Asterisk?