OH323 Addon One-Way Audio

I am using 11.5.0 on a site, and cant update the version because of the changes in AMI side… I have lots of dependencies in this case.

Anyway, Our customer asked for h323 trunk between MD110 and Asterisk.
I used ubuntus distro installation 11.7.0 with astersik_ooh323 package and made some tests with MD110 and everything seemsed to be working fine.

Then with same settings, on both asterisk and md110,
i recompiled my 11.5.0 with ooh323 addon selected
copied the ooh323.conf file to 11.5 directory
and started the services.
Everything seemed fine… both sides can call eachother …callerid works etc…but… audio is one-way only.
I turned on rtp-debug and i can see two way rtp traffic.
indeed md110 and asterisk are on same subnet without any firewalls around.

when i switch faststart to yes audio dissaperars on both sides…
if i set it no i have one-way audio

What else should i check… or is there a way to upgrade the ooh323 version if it is solved anywhere on new versions?