Offline TDM2400 test

Is there any way to test a TDM2404E card without plugging it into the PSTN? I setup an asterisk box for a company and they are saying it is dropping calls. They also claim calls are never making it to the phone system (ie. they just ring). The system is setup to ring ext. 201 for 20 seconds then go to a menu. They say 201 never rings and the menu never picks up. Basically, I would like to be able to test the TDM2404E to show them it’s not the PBX. Thanks for the help!

Why not set up a sip extension that goes to the same context as to where your card is pointing to. You can also try to call in and show them the CLI in real time.

I am not sure I am following. Currently they have only four live lines. Do you want me to setup 201 (it’s a Polycom 601) with 4 SLAs? Thanks again.

No. Set up one extension to go to the IVR to show them that it works.

I was able to replicate the problem while onsite. It looks like the TDM2404E doesn’t even see the call. I am able to trip the line at the MPOE though. For some reason the TDM2404E isn’t catching all the calls. For the time being, I switched the locations of the four FXO cards on the TDM2404E. I am hoping the first FXO card was the cause. Thanks.