OFF HOOK Dialing

Hello, and Thank you in advance to all who will be participating and helping me accomplish this.

A little about my setup…
i’m running FreePBX “FreePBX-1.1007.210.58-x86_64-Full-1344904533.iso” on my VMWare ESXi virtual machine and i’m connected via SIP to “” as my phone provider.
I only use Cisco Ip Phones 7960s and 7940s which work great.

I want to be able to start dialing and have the phone pickup the line automatically.
example: any first digit i dial on the phone should turn on the speaker phone and already dial that digit.

I have seen this done with Cisco Call Manager. This cant be rocket science, i’m sure there is someone out there that can help.

Why? SIP Isn’t designed to work like that, although you may be able to enable overlap dialing.