Oddness with number port to PRI

I just ported a number to our PRI (effective today), but when I call it, the Asterisk CLI says:

The strange part is that 415-489-2874 is NOT the number I dialed, though it is one of our DIDs. Could this simply be a fault of the PRI provider, or is there somewhere I can begin troubleshooting this in Asterisk? (I didn’t deploy this PBX, so I’m not 100% familiar with its configuration.)

I’m baffled that dialing one number would “alias” the call to another number before(?) reaching the PBX.



It ccould well be that the number you are seeing is the bearer number for the ISDN-PRI circuit. Has the number been moved or has it simply been diverted to the ISDN-PRI? If they have just diverted it this behaviour would probably be expected by default. If they have moved the number then this is incorrect behaviour and you should speak to you telecom provider.

We arranged for a “full” port, not a forward/redirect. (The jack at the remote location that carried -9494 number now has no dial tone, as planned.) Here’s what one of the provider’s technicians had to say about it (any underscores are mine). Do you know what a “hard forward” is in Asterisk?

Thoughts? The -9494 number is the new port, but as mentioned in my first post, calls dialed to that -9494 number come in to Asterisk on 415-489-2874. Both numbers are listed in the output above. As far as I know the -2874 is just an arbitrary DID, not the bearer number for the PRI. Any ideas?

Addendum to previous post: I forgot to mention that when I call our other DIDs, Asterisk does “take” them on that same dialed number. The problem with the new port of -9494 is that Asterisk thinks they’re coming in on a different DID, as detailed above.

This is an example of what I consider “proper” behavior when dialing, say, 4154892862:

-- Accepting call from '4435068970' to '4154892862' on channel 0/1, span 1
-- Executing Set("Zap/1-1", "__FROM_DID=4154892862") in new stack