ODBC VM findings in 1.6.1

Posting here, since these changes don’t seem to be documented anywhere else…

  • 2 new columns in the voicemail table, “flag” and “category”. I don’t know what they’re for, but adding them to the table with type varchar(255) seemed to make Asterisk happy again. The “read” and “label” columns, shown in older documentation (or maybe just the ORA book), don’t seem to be used anymore.

  • Apparently 1.6.1(.1) is unable to properly handle null column values anymore, at least with MySQL. It didn’t seem to bother older versions, but now I get SQL Get Data errors unless I replace all null values in the table with an empty string, and set columns to have a default of an empty string instead of null.

  • The “mailboxuser” field isn’t preserved when VM is moved from the INBOX to the Old “directory”, something which made my web VM scripting more kludgy than it needs to be. If #2 in this list seems like a bug, this seems like more of one.