OBi110 SIP authentication error

I’m trying to use a OBi110 to filter incoming calls (Raspberry Pi etc). Everything seems to be setup and incoming calls are correctly routed from the OBi110 to Asterisk and answered by the automated attendant I setup. However, I can not get calls to route back through the OBi110.

Looking at the Asterisk console, I see the following.

Where is the RasPBX IP, yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is the OBi110 and 9 is the extension I setup (configured as username in OBi110).

Passwords in both the sip.conf and OBi110 configuration match, so not sure what the issue is here… but I am new to Asterisk so I doubt I know what questions to ask. Any insight would be helpful.

PS: Please let me know if there is anything (configurations etc) I can provide that would help diagnose this issue.

The 9 should be the section name in sip.conf. username= is something else.

However, as it is complaining about the password, it has probably matched the correct entry, which would indicate that the password is simply wrong.

Generally, though, you have not provided enough details of your configuration to help you very much. We need the general section of sip.conf and all relevant device sections. As this is a home network, the whole file should be small. Obviously change the passwords, but make sure different passwords are still different.

Note using extension numbers as sip.conf entry names is bad practice and using single digit ones is even worse, as it makes guessing the user part of user and password too easy.

Thanks for the response.

Currently, I am not worried about security as I am just trying to get it to work. Once I have that I’ll start to tighten things up. Basically, I’ve been working off an out of date tutorial and may be missing something rather simple due to my inexperience with Asterisk.

So to review…






Then in the OBi110…

SP2 Service (this authenticates to Asterisk without issue) where is the Asterisk system.

X_ServeProvProfile = B
X_InboundCallRoute = LI
AuthUserName = OBITRUNK1
AuthPassword = password

SP1 Service (this is generating the authentication error)

X_ServeProvProfile = A
X_InboundCallRoute = PH
AuthUserName = 9
AuthPassword = password

I know the passwords are the same in all places, I’ve kept them simple at this point to try and diagnose the problem.

In the web interface for the Asterisk system (using FreePBX?) I have “Obi110” defined as an incoming route, which doesn’t seem right to me…

By contrast, “Obitrunk1” is defined as a trunk and seems to be working perfectly.

So the issue is only with routing a call back out to the OBi110 through the phone port (FXS).

The goal here is to have calls come into the FXO on the OBi110, be sent to Asterisk, be handled by an automated attendant and then be sent back out the FXS on the same OBi110. 2/3 of this is working in that an incoming call is routed from the OBi110 to Asterisk where it is handled by an automated attendant, but there is then no way to reroute the call back out to the phone.

More or less have this issue resolved, my previous configuration was nonsense. But that’s how one learns I guess.