Number voice inflection

As Asterisk becomes more & more polished has anyone thought about tackling “inflections” on number read-backs?

I will explain: In enterprise grade telephony systems, any customer announcement (e.g. number change, voice mail, CLID) reading back a number will have either two or three different “inflections” of each digit - up, down, and perhaps middle.


Right now, if Asterisk were to read you calling number 555-5555, you would hear five of the same recordings of the word “five.” It would sound very robotic and is a little off-putting.

On systems with inflection, each group of numbers (555 and 5555) begins with an “up” recording of “five” and ends with a “down” recording of “five”. It lends to a much more natural sounding and easier to understand readback - as in normal speech.

Anyone ever mention or be interested in this?