Number id on asterisk

Hello all.

I have a question concerning destination number in asterisk. I am using asterisk version 1.6 and Sangoma A108 card. I’ve made an agreement with my operator to make ma a number in a hex format. So they call me on number which looks like this: 33191b, The problem is that the number does not appear in correct format and asterisk recognizes it as:33191*

-- Executing [33191*@isdn_in:1] GotoIf("DAHDI/20-1", "0?6:2") in new stack -- Goto (isdn_in,33191*,2)

Is it possible to configure asterisk to display this caracter as caracter and not as *

In DTMF, B represents one of the fourth column digits, which is different from *, and has a different code in ISDN signalling.