Number DialPlan


I have a 15 digit phone number. This number was dialed through the register softphone.



I want to wait for 2 seconds after turning the first 5 digits.

Then continue on to number five.

Wait 2 seconds again.

And enter the last 5 numbers.

How can I do this in the dialplan?

Use the substring notation, that is documented in the sample dialplan, to decompose ${EXTEN}. Then, use the D option of Dial() to send the digits and suitable pause pseudo digits. NB. if the technology and peer support answer supervision, there will be an additional delay, waiting for that answer supervision to arrive (and you may find you don’t need as long an initial pause.

For DAHDI, at least over analogue lines, you can also reconstruct the number with the appropriate pseudo digits for dialling pauses.

I’d need to look up the psuedo digits, although I think one might be “w”…

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