Not getting all verbose output in CLI

Hi Group

I use Local Channels in my dialplan regularly and one such construct is for Ring Groups where I add Local/{extension1}@{dialplan}&Local/{extension2}@{dialplan}&…
Each of these Local Channels call a particular subroutines to place the call.
I currently have a fairly large one for a particular customer e.g. 18 entries which I am trying to troubleshoot. When I look at the CLI output however it is not all there for the call.
Is this normal? If so what is the best way to capture all the output? If not then is there something I can do about it?

Thanks all.
Regards Mike

From the log file, not the screen.

Thanks David.
So is it normal for output to be missing? Seems strange!

It’s not normal for output to be missing in the log file. It is normal for screen scrapes to be of limited size.

if you are dialing 18 phones at the same time you may be running into problem with the resolved line in the dialplan is getting to long
I believe it has a max_length=255
for line not line’s

Hi Mark (I assume)
Yes this is interesting. The actual dial string would have certainly gone over 255 characters in length e.g. each Local/{extension}@{Dialplan} was either 20 or 28 characters. Is this what you mean by the resolved line? If this is the case, how would you get around it?
Thanks Mike

hmm there is not really any good way
we use a mix of Queue or Dial(Local/par1@user&Local/part2@user) where in user we dial all the users extensions/devices
an alternative is to use a Queue that is creative in it configuration (not perfect)

  • leavewhenempty = paused,inuse,ringing,unavailable,wrapup
  • joinempty
  • timeout
  • retry
  • timeoutpriority
  • timeoutrestart

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