Not all applications loading in 1.2.29


We’ve been using bristuffed * on a live basis for about 4 years, most recently 1.2.26. Recently spontaneously the system failed - calls could not be made though SIP phones could register.

This was tracked down to not all applications, including things like Dial, not being loaded. Show Applications shows

-= Registered Asterisk Applications =-
   AbsoluteTimeout: Set absolute maximum time of call
AgentCallbackLogin: Call agent callback login
        AgentLogin: Call agent login

AgentMonitorOutgoing: Record agent’s outgoing call
AGI: Executes an AGI compliant application
Answer: Answer a channel if ringing
Autoanswer: Autoanswer a call
AutoanswerLogin: Log in for autoanswer
BackGround: Play a file while awaiting extension
Busy: Indicate the Busy condition
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel
Congestion: Indicate the Congestion condition
DeadAGI: Executes AGI on a hungup channel
DigitTimeout: Set maximum timeout between digits
DUNDiLookup: Look up a number with DUNDi
EAGI: Executes an EAGI compliant application
ExecIfTime: Conditional application execution based on the current time
Goto: Jump to a particular priority, extension, or context
GotoIf: Conditional goto
GotoIfTime: Conditional Goto based on the current time
Hangup: Hang up the calling channel
HoldedCall: Answer a parked call
IAX2Provision: Provision a calling IAXy with a given template
ImportVar: Import a variable from a channel into a new variable
Monitor: Monitor a channel
MusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold indefinitely
NoOp: Do Nothing
Park: Park yourself
ParkedCall: Answer a parked call
PlayTones: Play a tone list
Progress: Indicate progress
ResetCDR: Resets the Call Data Record
ResponseTimeout: Set maximum timeout awaiting response
Ringing: Indicate ringing tone
SayAlpha: Say Alpha
SayDigits: Say Digits
SayNumber: Say Number
SayPhonetic: Say Phonetic
Set: Set channel variable(s) or function value(s)
SetAccount: Set the CDR Account Code
SetAMAFlags: Set the AMA Flags
SetGlobalVar: Set a global variable to a given value
SetLanguage: Set the channel’s preferred language
SetMusicOnHold: Set default Music On Hold class
SetVar: Set channel variable(s)
SIPAddHeader: Add a SIP header to the outbound call
SIPDtmfMode: Change the dtmfmode for a SIP call
SIPGetHeader: Get a SIP header from an incoming call
StartMusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel
StopMusicOnHold: Stop Playing Music On Hold
StopPlayTones: Stop playing a tone list
Wait: Waits for some time
WaitExten: Waits for an extension to be entered
WaitMusicOnHold: Wait, playing Music On Hold
XAGI: Executes an XAGI compliant application

The modules did including things like app_dial. Rebuilding and then upgrading to 1.2.9 resulted in the same - no change. We moved to a standby * server which works fine.

Checked asterisk.conf on the working server and bad one - no differences. Rebooting of course was tried and had no effect. So I still cannot get all functions loaded on the main server.

Anyone any ideas on this? I though that all applications were loaded from the modules folder. Needless to say I cannot fund any error messages when * starts. Help is welcome.



I would check the filesystem and the hard disk to see if the file is corrupted, also, just to be sure, check in the file /etc/asterisk/modules.conf to see if there a line like the following


which would prevent the loading of the Dial dialplan application.


Marco Bruni


Thanks - done both of this. In fact rebuilt the whole of *, checked all the app files were dated current date. Also copied modules.conf from the working standby server. In fact most of the dynamically loaded modules were not loaded.