Hi Sir,

      we have compile the chan_ss7 and created four signalling links in same host. 

     two signalling links showing UP status.  third and fourth signalling links shows NOT_ALIGNED  status.

TESTBED01*CLI> ss7 link status
linkset siuc, link l1/16 INSERVICE, sls 0, total: 2599, 16
linkset siuc, link l2/16 INSERVICE, sls 1, total: 2487, 16
linkset siuc, link l3/16 NOT_ALIGNED, sls 2, total: 0, 16
linkset siuc, link l4/16 NOT_ALIGNED, sls 3, total: 0, 16

Please suggest to make all the four links up in same host . kindly help us.

Radha Krishnan