Not able to receive call park event on subscribe to other users


I am using sip.js 0.20.0. And using delegates for all the SIP operations. And while parking the call I am referring to the *55. And call parked on 901, 902. But while on call park I want to implement call park notification. for that I am using subscriber and onNotifiy event. But not able to receive at other user’s end. Can anyone has the solution for the same? Thank you!!

Does anyone have any relevant information for the same?

The best way to debug this is to inspect the SIP messages over the websocket connection. When you are in the browser developer window, find the network tab, and then the ws connection (you should see it easily as its the one connection that’s says status “pending”). Then inspect the “Messages” these are text messages over the websocket connection in plain text. They are the actual SIP message going to and from the server.

Inspect this for notify messages at the time you would expect. If there are no messages, then your Asterisk config is wrong. Maybe you don’t have the hint set for the parking lot or something… cant help much more there.

If you are getting the message, sip.js would be raising that as an event Either you are not listening to it or there will be a console error - either way something should show on your console.

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