Nortel SMDR integration

Hi there,

Here is the scope of the project. We are currently on a straight T1 using a Nortel MICS with a SMDR (unit that spits out caller ID output and line/extension activity in a data feed).

We need to add another location that is overseas and we are interested to joining the modern world of VOIP. However we need to do simultaneous ring at both locations so that we can transfer calls back and forth. We require incoming 800 toll free service as well.

Here is the small kink, we need to have the Nortel SMDR data output present at both locations as our current enterprise software is dependent upon this for a telephony integration so as to provide a screen pops to our customer service reps.

Three solutions have been proposed to me:

  1. have each location have a Asterisk box at each the location with a T1 card that would output to a Nortel MICS-SMDR at each location. Pros: we get what we want for actual replication of the SMDR output, Cons: cost of duplicate equipment and maintaining an Asterisk servers at each location

  2. have a hosted server solution and pay for a custom script (if one does not already exist) so as the hosted Asterisk server emulates the Nortel SMDR data output and sends it with each call. Pros: less equipment do deal with, Cons: the custom script may be buggy if I have to have it created

  3. keep the Nortel MICS at the main location and use an extender solution (like the EXTender from Citel ) for the remote location. Pros: easy integration, Cons: remote location may suffer in call quality since the signal is bounced off the main office before being relayed further.

I am open to suggestions or comments.

Also, I am looking for a suggestion/reference for a good VOIP provider for 800 service as well.

Thanks !!