Nortel i2002 dialing without "Call" softkey

Dear Asterisk admins,

Don’t you know if it’s possible to call a number from an asterisk controlled Nortel phone without pressing the “Call” softkey (i.e.: by just entering the numbers, and then optionally waiting for a few seconds)?

OK, finally it works perfectly.

I upgraded to Asterisk-11 ( … sterisk-11) and now my new chan_unistim version is able to figure out when Ifinished typing. I assume it does so by interpreting the dialplan. In addition to the fact that the “Call” soft key is no more necessary, I don’t even have to wait, because calling immediately begins after typing in the dialed number. However, I added the option “interdigit_timer=5000” to the phone definitions in unistim.conf, thus eliminating the need for pressing “Call” after typing “ambiguous” numbers.