Nortel CS1000 / Asterisk TIE Trunk (PRI)

I’m attempting to setup a tie trunk between my CS1000 and an asterisk system. I’ve gotten everything to come up but I’m having trouble with the Dch. As soon as I bring the circuit up on the nortel side it goes to “OK” in dahdi_tool, however when the dch begins to establish the cli of the asterisk switch goes crazy with

PRI got event: HDLC Bad FCS (8) on D-channel of span 2 //Lots of these


PRI got event: HDLC Abort (6) on D-channel of span 2 // a few of these every once in a while

On the nortel side I’ll see the loop as being enabled and bouncing between DSBL and MBSY for all of the channels.

Any ideas?

I should mention that I’ve set up on both sides using ESS5, NI2, QSIG, and various others to try and make this work but no joy yet. ESS5, gives some different errors, the one I can remember at the moment was on the nortel side it gives a dch message that says wrong mode…

Also any way to manually kill dahdi? Sometimes it won’t restart from within linux, or unload from within the asterisk cli because it says something’s busy. I don’t care I want to hard force it down so that I can make changes and have them take effect without having to reboot the server!


Digium card?

If so, please contact our Support department directly so that they can assist -

yes, 8 port pri card, will do.

Did you get this working? I am stuck with this too and looking to know your experience.

Did you get this working? I am stuck with this too and looking to know your experience.[/quote]

I apologize for the late response, I haven’t been on the forum in a while. Yes I did get it working, PM me if you still need help.

In the end I had some physical layer issues that I didn’t realize and that was causing the problem. Basically Nortel could talk to Asterisk and Asterisk couldn’t talk back… This is why I would see the PRI attempt to come up on the Asterisk side and just assumed that meant there was proper connectivity. Asterisk, however, couldn’t respond to Nortels SABME messages and therefore was not setting up the sync between the two for timing or some such. I had to hook up a protcol analyzer to the thing to figure out something so simple as a cabling problem… Sad I know. In any case I can give you sample config files and any help you might need I think. After all that I’m fairly well versed in the setup.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not getting back to you as I am still frustrated with CS1000 and desperately looking for help. Please reply my PM.