[NOOB] routing calls from one PRI span to another


I’m very new to Asterisk, so please forgive my ignorance…

I’m trying to find if I can do the following:

I have a Asterisk server set up with a quad PRI interface. On one of the ports I have a (working!) ISDN30 line from my telco coming in.

Depending on what number the call is coming in on I want to either:

  1. do ‘something’ local (e.g. voicemenu)
  2. redirect it to a 2nd Asterisk machine connected to the 2nd PRI span, and let that machine handle the call
  3. redirect it to a dedicated (windows) fax server which is connected to the 3rd PRI span.

#1 I can do, but how would I ‘redirect’ calls to the other spans?

I can just Dial() to the zap channel:


thanks though!

Is there any reason why you want to connect a second Asterisk server to one of the PRI’s? It would be better to use an IAX2 trunk for forward the calls across.


We are aware we could use AIX2 trunks, but:

  1. the 2nd asterisk box also has a bunch of analog lines, this is an addition. We fear for quality loss, echo, etc if we would convert to AIX2, and combine AIX2 trunks and analog trunks. We will test this in time though.
  2. we will still need to route the incomming faxes to another span.

but… we have that this solved :smile: