Noob question about DNS

We have intermittent issues with parking calls and using the pickup codes to retrieve calls at other phones. I have heard that these issues can be caused by there not being a proper DNS server on the network. Failing having a dedicated DNS server on the network, is it proper or possible point the phones DNS setting to the Asterisk box? I have been using DDwrt routers and am interested in using that to do this if possible. I cannot seem to make the router pass out the DNS IP of my choice. I always get the router IP for my DNS on the PC that I am using. I have been told that the phones will operate much better this way.

True or False?

Thanks for any comments

You can run DNS servers on the CentOS operating system. Asterisk itself will not handle DNS requests.

Yes, using the Asterisk server for DNS is no problem. You probably need these packages if you haven’t already got them installed:


Also why not use the Asterisk system for DHCP as well if your DDwrt isn’t flexible enough to specify a different DNS server?

Thanks for the suggestions guys. But I would really rather keep it to the DDWRT. I am not always using a Asterisk box that I can get into the OS