Nokia 6086

Nothing about this Nokia Phone? UMA technology, bluetooth and wifi about 200,00 €. Is there anybody tried this phone with Asterisk?

I don’t think you can. UMA as i understand it is NOT sip but rather a voip extension of GSM. I don’t think you can configure UMA to register with a * server.

I could see a phone being made that supported both UMA and SIP, but they are not the same thing.

unless i’m wrong in which case please ignore this post :smiley:

You are correct - UMA is GSM packaged and sent over IP (VPN style, more or less). The whole point of UMA is that the call stays as a GSM call under control of the GSM operator. The good part is that it can hand over between WiFi and GSM radios. The bad part is that most operators continue to charge as if you are on GSM, even when on WiFi. The GSM operators are not very interested in solutions that save their customers money - since their customer bills look a whole lot like their revenue.