No user introduction in meetme under Asterisk 1.4


we are using the meetme application for voice conferencing.
To announce the name of new participant we use exten => 888,n,MeetMe(|Aicw)

We have no Zap-device in the server, instead we use the ztdummy device.
zaptel 190980 5 ztdummy
crc_ccitt 6337 1 zaptel
When the participant tries to enter meetme only ask for conference number and pin, but not for the name.
Instead it throws the Warning:
app_meetme.c:2645 find_conf: No Zap channel available for conference, user introduction disabled

All I read about was that is should be enough to have a ztdummy timing device for meetme.

Any help is very welcome.

are you positive zap is loaded? Zap provides(d) the timing for the conference rooms, wihtout it I expect to see something like this.

Passing c in the dial conference argument should acocmplish what you are looking for (this appears correct to me).

         q  -  all quiet, no user names, # of users etc
         c  -  will announce # of users, without name
         p  -  allow users to exit conference by pressing #

I am pretty sure your issues is with zap/conference timing