No such application "WMSApp" when specifying Application in AMI with Originate action


  1. Stasis app “WMSApp” is running;
  2. AMI is used to make a call to one endpoint;
    2.1. “Action” field is set to “Originate” and “Application” field is set to the application’s name:
  3. Phone rings;
  4. Phone answers the call;
  5. Asterisk outputs “[May 29 12:47:07] WARNING[28456] pbx.c: No such application ‘WMSApp’”

I also tried setting “Application” to “Stasis(WMSApp)” but to no avail. Is it even possible to pass the control of the channel to the Stasis application?

If using an ARI application then in the originate the application would be “Stasis” and the data would be the name of the ARI application with any additional arguments.

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